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What to Expect


First Session:

  • Client explains some of their issues, concerns, and events leading up to the decision to make the appointment.

  • We review informed consent, confidentiality, and no show/late policies. We also design the schedule for further sessions, according to client’s comfort level and availability.

  • We talk about what has worked, what hasn’t, and identify strength and resiliency factors in the face of these obstacles.


Second Session:

  • Going a bit deeper in the events of the week or overall issues that are causing problems, talking about healthy coping mechanisms

  • Building more trust with therapist as we discuss the impact of mental health problems on quality of life and relationships


Third and on: 

  • Client is more open about their experiences, and starts making connections between current issues, personality traits, and history

  • Starting to problem solve when appropriate, identify alternative perspectives, learning tools and skills to manage intrusive symptoms

What to Expect in Therapy

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