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Making Therapy Easy



Virtual, Weekdays, Evenings & Saturdays

committed to making you comfortable

Meet Cecilie

Welcome!  I'm Cecilie Cody, LPC.  I am passionate about working with individuals and families who are open to learning about themselves.


People usually seek out therapy when things are going badly or feeling out of control. As this can be a challenging time, I make it as easy as possible to get the care you need.

We are an adaptable species, we cope with our problems as best we can for years on end, so it’s no surprise to learn that our stress and feelings of depression, and/or anxiety are often outside of healthy parameters.


Therapy can bring relief and hope to problems that weigh on us, starting at the first session.


Take some time for yourself to explore the benefits of therapy. It can be brief, long term, or intermittent as life goals change. My role is to help you feel comfortable while you describe how things are and what you’d like to change. All you need is willingness to try something new.


I am a mandated reporter and required to report neglect or abuse if I see or suspect it. More on confidentiality in Small Print Topics.


I can work with Alaskans only at this time, but plan on expanding my licensure to WA State by the summer.

About Therapy

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